Mudders Cup 2018 – Anniversary Edition

For the 10th time, there will be an indoor tournament held in Bremen. Since its our anniversary, we will try our very best to create an awesome experience for all our guests, hopefully coming from all over Europe (and maybe beyond?!). We will provide plenty of games, food, drinks, a party on saturday evening and great entertainment throughout the weekend. For further information or your application, just send an email to (at)
This page will be updated regularly, so come back from time to time!

Quick Facts

  • Date: 13th-14th of January 2018
  • Format: 5 vs 5, Indoor Rules, Women + Open Division
  • Spots: 24 (probably 8 Women, 16 Open)
  • Teamfee: ~80 – 120 Euro
  • Playersfee: ~15 Euro
  • Registration Deadline: 12th of November 2017

Current Applications


  1. Dam Girls, Amsterdam, NL
  2. Paradiscas, Jena, GER
  3. Hucks, Berlin, GER
  4. 7 Göttinnen, Göttingen, GER


  1. Caracals, Wuppertal, GER
  2. Drehst’n Deckel, Dresden, GER
  3. Hucks, Berlin, GER
  4. Cakes, Amsterdam, NL
  5. Wild Things, Salasplis, LT
  6. Göttinger 7, Göttingen, GER
  7. UMS, Münster, GER
  8. Frizzly Bears, Aachen, GER
(selection to be announced November 19th latest)


To be announced! The second reason you should come back soon! #clickbait



For Information on the previous MuddersCup in 2017: click here!