Mudders Cup 2019

Another year, another tournament in Bremen!

And this time it’s the tournaments 11th birthday, obviously a very lucky number! So mommy wants to celebrate with all her children, come along to northern Germany and sing, dance, laugh and play high-level Ultimate with us! Of course we care for you like only a mother does, so you can expect:

  • Date: 12./13. January 2019
  • delicious food and entertainment on friday evening
  • sleeping in (or possibly directly next to) the gym
  • even more delicious breakfast
  • cocktail shower, beerrace and party are obvious. But what additional gem will mom present this time? Find out!
  • 3 indoor fields (5 on 5)
  • Women and Open division
  • 26 Teams (10 Women, 16 Open)
  • Teamfee ca. 100€, Playersfee ca. 15€

So: note it down in all your calendars, and start writing! We cannot wait to receive your applications until 16 November! Please note also how you expect your level of play and your ambitions for this tournament, so we can better arrive at more exciting games for everyone!

Lots of kisses,
Deine Mudder Bremen


Alea Iacta Est!

It was hard for Mama to decide, but finally there had to be a choice for the following 26 Teams.

In the Women-Division Muddi is happy to welcome:

  • Anonyme Antiterror Netzwerk, Dortmund, GER
  • Airpussies, Berlin, GER
  • Heidschnucken, Hannover, GER
  • Hucks, Berlin, GER
  • MarGie, Marburg/Gießen, GER
  • Monika, Greifswald, GER
  • Mudderkuchen, Berlin, GER
  • Münster Damen, Münster, GER
  • Saxy Divas, Leipzig, GER
  • Seagulls, Hamburg, GER
  • Undercover, Dresden, GER


  1. Paradiscas, Jena, GER
  2. Bonobabes, Bochum, GER

And in the Open-Division:

  • Alsterkutter, Hamburg, GER
  • Bonnsai, Bonn, GER
  • Caracals, Wuppertal, GER
  • Drehst’n Deckel, Dresden, GER
  • Funatoren, Hannover, GER
  • Goldfingers, Potsdam, GER
  • Gummis, Karlsruhe, GER
  • Häßliche Erdferkel, Marburg, GER
  • Hucks, Berlin, GER
  • Ragnarok, Copenhagen, DK
  • RotPot, Braunschweig, GER
  • Schleudertrauma, Magdeburg, GER
  • Tekielas, Kiel, GER
  • UMS, Münster, GER
  • Uproar Ultimate, Maynooth, IRL


  1. Göttinger 7, Göttingen, GER
  2. DiscUrs, Berlin, GER
  3. Frizzly Bears, Aachen, GER


For information about the anniversary MuddersCup 2018 click here.