MuddersCup’18 – finally getting started

MuddersCup’18 is happening in just 6 days – hell yeah! So far the winter in Bremen has been more a cold summer. But, as most of you know: The first blizzard of the year typically kicks in for MuddersCup!

Anyways, let’s spread some information for you.
There’s a couple of links I’d like to share:
Our online document to bring you all sorts of information. Reading through those pages will only do you good. In fact, just stop reading here and continue with this document and you’ll be more than ready for MuddersCup’18!
If you don’t feel like just switching to the other read completely: You should take a closer look there for information regarding:
Friday Welcome …. pasta?
Party Information …. schnapstour?
General Timetable …. breakfast?
Mother’s Love …. surprise?
Spirit Award …. nuts?
Tournament Format …. swiss?
Rules …. brick?
Sleeping Temperature …. freezing?
Any Questions regarding locations, routes, stations: Here’s our MuddersCup’18 Map.
Our games schedule. You’ll find the results and your upcoming game slots here. A general timetable is found in our info document.

One last note:
There are as usual plenty of single players, both female and male, who are looking for a pick-up spot at MC’18. If you feel like you needed some support: Let Mama know, we connect you!

By that, I wish you all the best. Save journeys, my little sweeties. I’m so much looking forward to partying again with you.

Hugs and Kisses

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