It’s been a while. More than half a year since our 11th MuddersCup took place in hometown of „yo mama“ – Bremen, Germany. 

2020 is gonna be another chance for you and your team to join us in an ultimate weekend of fun and thrill and indoor ultimate! 
Thus, save the date:
MC’20 is taking place on January 10th-12th. 
The tournament is hosted at the well-known location in Bremen-Huchting. 
Like any Year – Expect the unexpected! 
No doubt: expect the regular MuddersCup activities, too… 
  • Open & Women Division
  • Top German Teams preparing for Nationals 
  • International Airport in Town 
  • 2 central Sports Halls + 1 in walking distance 
  • 7 Games of at least 33:33 Minutes
  • Friday Welcome with Good Food and Exhibition Games
  • Sleeping, Breakfast, Buffet, Cocktail Shower, Beerrace: All in one Building
  • The infamous Schnapstour leading straight to the PartyParty Downtown 
Teamfee approx. 150€
Playersfee approx. 15€ covering accommodation and breakfast 
Sounds like a great place to be? Sure it is! 
Official registration is coming up some time later this year. 
Can’t wait any longer? No worries: International MuddersCup-Lovers are applicable for individual registration schemes – just hit reply and Mama is going to take care! 
Getting more excited with every minute. 
Deine Mudder Bremen