Mudders Cup 2012

Hey Folks,

it’s been an exciting weekend. We hope you had a blast, we sure did.

Thanks to everyone participating for making this tournament special. We hope you had a save ride home and we will see you next year.


  1. Deine Mudder Bremen
  2. Sean’s Sheep (Beckum)
  3. UFO (Utrecht, NL)
  4. Gronical Dizziness (Groningen, NL)
  5. Wall City (Berlin)
  6. InDiscutabel (Münster)
  7. Caracals (Wuppertal)
  8. Göttinger 7 (Göttingen)
  9. Veermasters (Hamburg)
  10. Funaten (Hannover)
  11. TeKielas (Kiel)
  12. Dein Vadder Bremen
  13. Ultimus Prime (Den Haag, NL)
  14. Frühsport 0,2 (Köln)
  15. Deine Cousine 3. Grades (Bremen)
  16. Freez Bees (Tampere, FIN)
  17. Catch am all (Celle)
  18. UFO (Osnabrück)
  19. Far Flung (Glasgow, GB)
  20. Baltimate (Lübeck)


Freeze Bees (Tampere, FIN)


Funaten (Hannover)


Freeze Bees (Tampere, FIN)


Be sure to check this page regularly for pictures of the tournament and pictures of lost & found.

Our tournament collection
Watch games here
Pictures by Sean’s Sheep
Pictures by our DJ
Pictures by a local newspaper
Lost & Found


An article from a local newspaper: Weser Kurier

The final