Mudders Cup 2013

Hey Folks!

The 5th Mudders Cup has ended! Thanks to all the teams that traveled all the way to Bremen to make this tournament as enjoyable as it was.

We hope you had a great time. We certainly did!


  1. Wall City (Berlin)
  2. Goldfingers (Potsdam)
  3. Göttinger 7 (Göttingen)
  4. 7 Todsünden (Paderborn)
  5. Caracals (Wuppertal)
  6. Dein Vadder (Bremen)
  7. Warwick Bears (Warwick, England)
  8. Deine Mudder (Bremen)
  9. Heidees (Heidelberg)
  10. Funatics (Hannover)
  11. La Famiglia (Düsseldorf-Pempelfort)
  12. Sean’s Sheep (Beckum)
  13. Veermaster (Hamburg)
  14. Rotatoe Potatoes (Braunschweig)
  15. Fischkutter (Hamburg)
  16. Frühsport (Köln)
  17. DU bist Frisbee (Duisburg)
  18. InDISCutabel (Münster)
  19. Far Flung (Glasgow, Schottland)
  20. Freeze Beeze (Tampere, Finnland)


Warwick Bears (Warwick, England)


Sean’s Sheep (Beckum)


Far Flung (Glasgow, Schottland)

Lost & Found

A gallery of Lost & Found items can be found here. Please let us know if you recognize one of the items.

Photos and Videos

As you might have noticed we took some photos and videos during the tournament. Of course we will make them available to you as soon as time permits.
To wet your appetite we put together a photo album of the team pictures on facebook and this little trailer:

Finally, here is the Viedo of the amazing final:
Goldfingers (Potsdam) vs Wall City (Berlin)

Cheers and see you next year!

Deine Mudder Bremen