Mudders Cup 2018 – Anniversary Edition

For the 10th time, there will be an indoor tournament held in Bremen. Since its our anniversary, we will try our very best to create an awesome experience for all our guests, hopefully coming from all over Europe (and maybe beyond?!). We will provide plenty of games, food, drinks, a party on saturday evening and great entertainment throughout the weekend. For further information or your application, just send an email to (at)
This page will be updated regularly, so come back from time to time!

Quick Facts

  • Date: 13th-14th of January 2018
  • Format: 5 vs 5, Indoor Rules, Women + Open Division
  • Spots: 28 = 18 Open & 10 Women
  • Teamfee: 100 Euro
  • Playersfee: ~15 Euro




07:00 – 10:00 Breakfast available
8:30 Start of Games (SH2)
9:00 CaptainsMeeting N°2
16:30 CocktailShower Opens
19:00 Beerrace
22:00 Schnapstour
22:30 Party


07:30 – 10:30 Breakfast available
09:00 Games Start (SH2)
15:00 Final RR (Women)
15:30 Final Open
16:00 Award Ceremony


Let’s spread some information for you.

There’s a couple of links I’d like to share:
Our online document to bring you all sorts of information. Reading through those pages will only do you good. In fact, just stop reading here and continue with this document and you’ll be more than ready for MuddersCup’18!
If you don’t feel like just switching to the other read completely: You should take a closer look there for information regarding:
Friday Welcome …. pasta?
Party Information …. schnapstour?
General Timetable …. breakfast?
Mother’s Love …. surprise?
Spirit Award …. nuts?
Tournament Format …. swiss?
Rules …. brick?
Sleeping Temperature …. freezing?
Any Questions regarding locations, routes, stations: Here’s our MuddersCup’18 Map.
Our games schedule. You’ll find the results and your upcoming game slots here. A general timetable is found in our info document.

One last note:
There are as usual plenty of single players, both female and male, who are looking for a pick-up spot at MC’18. If you feel like you needed some support: Let Mama know, we connect you!

By that, I wish you all the best. Save journeys, my little sweeties. I’m so much looking forward to partying again with you.

Hugs and Kisses


Alea Iacta Est!
Open-Division is ready for Action. Here the selected Teams:

  1. Caracals, Wuppertal, GER
  2. Drehst’n Deckel, Dresden, GER
  3. Hucks, Berlin, GER
  4. Cakes, Amsterdam, NL
  5. Wild Things, Salasplis, LT
  6. Göttinger 7, Göttingen, GER
  7. UMS, Münster, GER
  8. Hässliche Erdferkel, Marburg, GER
  9. Paradisco, Jena, GER
  10. Funatoren, Hannover, GER
  11. RotPot, Braunschweig, GER
  12. Goldfingers, Potsdam GER
  13. Alsterkutter, Hamburg, GER
  14. Frühsport, Köln, GER
  15. Endzonis, Rostock, GER
  16. Uproar Ultimate!, Maynooth, IRL
  17. Saxy Divers, Leipzig, GER
  18. Airpussier, Berlin, GER

Women Division: Finally, we’re able to shout this out loud, too! Our Women-Division 2018:

  1. 7 Göttinnen
  2. Dam Girls
  3. Halle Berries
  4. Heidschnucken
  5. Hucks
  6. Jinx
  7. Monkey Sistas
  8. Paradiscas
  9. Saxy Divas
  10. Seagulls


Final Applications


  1. Dam Girls, Amsterdam, NL
  2. Paradiscas, Jena, GER
  3. Hucks, Berlin, GER
  4. 7 Göttinnen, Göttingen, GER
  5. Jinx, Berlin, GER
  6. Heidschnucken, Niedersachsen, GER
  7. Saxy Divas, Leipzig, GER
  8. MarGie, Marburg/Gießen, GER
  9. Aschenpöttel, Pott, GER
  10. Halle Berries, Halle, GER
  11. Undercover, Dresden, GER
  12. Monkey Sistas, Düsseldorf, GER
  13. Seagulls, Hamburg, GER
  14. Endzonis, Rostock, GER


  1. Caracals, Wuppertal, GER
  2. Drehst’n Deckel, Dresden, GER
  3. Hucks, Berlin, GER
  4. Cakes, Amsterdam, NL
  5. Wild Things, Salasplis, LT
  6. Göttinger 7, Göttingen, GER
  7. UMS, Münster, GER
  8. Frizzly Bears, Aachen, GER
  9. Ars Ludendi, Darmstadt, GER
  10. Red Eagles, Berlin, GER
  11. Hässliche Erdferkel, Marburg, GER
  12. Sunblocker, Oldenburg, GER
  13. Force Elektro, Delft, NED
  14. Bonnsai, Bonn, GER
  15. Paradisco, Jena, GER
  16. Funatoren, Hannover, GER
  17. RotPot, Braunschweig, GER
  18. Schleudertrauma, Magdeburg, GER
  19. Goldfingers, Potsdam GER
  20. Alsterkutter, Hamburg, GER
  21. Frühsport, Köln, GER
  22. Endzonis, Rostock, GER
  23. Uproar Ultimate!, Maynooth, IRL
  24. Saxy Divers, Leipzig, GER
  25. Airpussier, Berlin, GER
  26. DJ Dahlem, Berlin, GER
(selection to be announced November 19th latest, order is random, don’t interpret anything in that list)


To be announced! The second reason you should come back soon! #clickbait